Fundraising With Earth Friendly Coffee


No upfront money, wholesale prices, excellent income potential, highest quality

Earth Friendly Coffee offers your members a very unusual fundraising recipe:

  • Since 78% of all families contain at least one coffee drinker—this is the easiest fundraiser your organization will ever conduct. People will buy Earth Friendly coffee because they need it!

  • Typically organizations that sign up for our fundraising package will earn at least $1,000—usually within 2 weeks.

  • Next, Earth Friendly Coffee’s quality is superb! You’ll be selling extraordinary coffee at below market pricing! If you were to purchase this coffee in the grocery store—it would cost $16 for our full pound bag. (not 12-14 oz).

    • Not only does Earth Friendly provide your customers with excellent quality—this coffee is Shade Grown, Chemical Free and Fair Trade.

    • Now your customers can contribute to your organization’s goals—and also cast their vote for a healthier, fairer world at the same time.

We believe that selling Earth Friendly coffee enables your organization to generate exciting financial success without taking advantage of Third World peoples or destroying our environment!

Thank you!

Diane E. Hughes, Founder

Please call Toll-Free for more information 1-866-807-6089.